WP Lightbox 2 Plugin WordPress Demo

Thanks to making WP Lighbox 2 plugin as one of the most popular WordPress plugin, till today downloads count: 438,505 and counting continues. We have divided WP Lightbox 2 demo in two part.

  1. 1: Lightbox/colorbox impact for images and
  2. 2: Lightbox/colorbox impact for image map.

Here we have written the html code also for manual implementation. Feel free to reach me for any queries regarding configuration/implementation.

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WP Lightbox Image Galary Demo:

Click blow image to see the Lightbox 2 Plugin in action-
Green glass towers
random house

HTML Code Image Group:

<a title="Green glass towers" href="http://yepinol.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/image1.jpg" rel="lightbox[26]"> <img class="slickr-post" src="http://yepinol.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/image1_s.jpg" alt="Green glass towers" width="75" height="75" /> </a>
<a title="random house" href="http://yepinol.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/image2.jpg" rel="lightbox[26]"> <img class="slickr-post" src="http://yepinol.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/image2_s.jpg" alt="random house" width="75" height="75" /> </a>
<a title="glass" href="http://yepinol.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/image3.jpg" rel="lightbox[26]"> <img class="slickr-post" src="http://yepinol.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/image3_s.jpg" alt="glass" width="75" height="75" /> </a>

WP Lightbox Image Map Demo:

Click blow image to see the Lightbox 2 Plugin in action for image map –


HTML Code Image Map:

<img src="http://yepinol.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/main-image.png" alt="myMap" usemap="#Map" width="480" height="448" border="0" />
<map id="Map" name="Map">
<area coords="7,76,9,221,75,223,116,219,133,223,145,222,157,223,156,223,148,21,150,23,162,3,7,2,8,46" shape="poly" href="#" />
<area coords="168,12,316,12,318,76,316,220,165,221" shape="poly" href="#" />
<area coords="322,2,477,225" shape="rect" href="#" />
<area coords="7,420,143,416,142,326,142,290,141,244,6,242,12,302" shape="poly" href="#" />
<area coords="159,231,314,444" shape="rect" href="#" />
<area coords="319,232,484,443" shape="rect" href="#" />


WP Lightbox Caption Demo:

Pankaj and Arpit Babu

Pankaj and Arpit Babu

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  1. Joy says

    This is a great plugin for lighbox effect. Also, it this work well well on Android also. For me the images are cut off on the right, and so the Next button isn’t there. The Close button doesn’t always work either, and when I rotate the phone it doesn’t update the image.

  2. Nick says

    HI there,
    nice plugin. I could only wish for one more addition. Can a “share to
    facebook” icon be overlayed on top of the image gallery show? This way
    the user will be able to share just one photo and not the whole post.
    Thanks for considering to implement this (if there is such a plugin, could you direct me to it please?).
    Best regards,

  3. Stefan says

    The code generated by the plugin isn’t w3c valid because of the rel attribute. Ist the any way to replace the rel attribute by the data attribute witch is html5 valid?

  4. Jude says

    hi Pankaj,
    thanks for making this plugin available!

    I am having one issue I can’t figure out.. For some reason its only showing the title on the first image in each of my galleries. The rest don’t show titles at all.

    I like to have some of my artwork image titles linked so that clicking on them opens up a seperate artwork page in a new tab, and I had this working great using lightbox2 & Shutter Reloaded plugins on earlier versions of WP (before the image uploaded was updated & images in a gallery were stacked).

    At first I thought this might be the issue, but now the image titles aren’t showing on either my regular titles or the ones that are linked – on either lightbox2 or WP Lightbox 2.. Can you help? This is quite crucial to my artwork/sites!

    this is a page with one linked title working but not the rest:

    this one has a regular title showing but not the rest:

    Also, can you tell me how to change the lightbox frame to black?

    many thanks,

  5. Tara says

    How can I enlarge the size of the lightbox overlay/pop up window? It is currently 492x610pc, and I would like it to be larger.

  6. Dan says

    Nice, that’s what i was looking for! Only thing that i don’t like: when you hover the next button the arrow symbol will fly to its position.. maybe you could change that?

  7. says

    Hi Pankaj,

    Hope you are doing well, I have installed this plugin to my wordpress.

    Please let me know how do i achieve auto sliding and disable next click.

    Thanks in advance.


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